May10, 2016

Great Question!

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Do dental implants need to be replaced at all? We all know how at times, we tend to put off going to a dentist’s office. This can include occasions when, missing teeth, we are inclined to underestimate dental implants. However, [...]

May9, 2016

Eating With Implants in My Mouth?

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What Can I Eat With Dental Implants?   So, what can I eat with these dental implants in my mouth? - One of the major benefits of having dental implants is the ability to enjoy your favorite foods again! Often, [...]

Mar31, 2016

Ouch! What’s Going On Inside My Mouth?

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What Are the Causes of Mouth Sores and How to Handle Them? Mouth sores are a very common dental complaint. They can appear for a variety of reasons. Most commonly, they are a collection or bacteria on the gums, lips, [...]

Mar30, 2016

Top Dentistry Clinic For Kids In New York, NY?

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Are you looking for great dentistry services for your kids in New York, NY? As parents, we want the very best for our children. That involves the best dentistry services for kids. We take them to their pediatrician for regular [...]

Feb25, 2016

Rinsing Twice A Day Isn’t Just A Great Way to Keep Your Breath Fresh

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Why Is it Important to Use a good Rinse for Your Teeth? Using a good rinse for teeth twice a day isn’t just a great way to keep your breath fresh. It’s the key to getting your whole mouth clean. [...]

Feb4, 2016

Flowers, Chocolates and A Dazzling Smile?

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Dental Spa in Washington Heights This Valentine’s Day, make your date fall for you with your very best accessory, a beautiful smile! There are many things we do to prep for the big day, pick out the best restaurant for [...]